Monday, November 10, 2008

The Shiniest Jewel- Marian Henley

I received a copy of this book free through Library Thing's Early Reviewers program. I was thrilled to get it because it was already on my Amazon Wishlist, signaling that I was prepared to pay good money for it. On top of the thrill of getting a free book is the realization that it's such a good one. Love, love, loved it!

The Shiniest Jewel is written in the style of a graphic novel and tells the story of Marion Henley's decision to adopt a baby from Russia and the chaos that follows, including parental reactions, illnesses, moves and the most frustrating bureaucratic maneuvers imaginable. Her story spares no detail of the process of International adoption and how it affects those who pursue it. In addition, there is the story of Marian's relationship with her aging father who falls ill just as the adoption process is starting to progress.

I loved the illustrations in the book and will long remember the face of the Orphanage Caregiver that led to the title of the book. This is a brave book. It ultimately shows the lengths that humans will go to love and cherish family members. Wherever they may be found.

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