Friday, October 23, 2009

Read-a-Thon Books

I have been combing the shelves for weeks, making piles of books, shifting them around and muttering to myself. I'm trying to read more from my own huge pile of TBR books. The end result is the semi-final Read-a-Thon stack! (There is no final stack because I reserve the right to pick up anything that looks good once the day arrives.) I'm not sure which books will make the drive to New York with me in the morning for the baby wrangling committment. I may have to haul the entire thing because; worst case scenario...I end up staying overnight...and gasp...RUN OUT OF BOOKS in the middle of R.A.T.! Oh...the horror!

Here's the list:

1. Evermore- Alyson Noel YA book. Vampires or some such, library copy

2. A little more about me- Pam Houston Non-fiction about one of my favorite authors, my book

3. If I stay- Gayle Forman YA book about a girl in a coma. Library copy

4. Secret Lives-Berthe Amoss YA book I read about in Shelf Life and just had to try. Library Copy

5. Mort- Terry Pratchett- I'm halfway through this one since I dipped in early. My book

6. The Lightning Thief- Rick Riordan, my book

7. Beautiful Boy-Dave Sheff Non-fiction read about a family coping with a son's addiction. My book

8. Fables Vol. 1- Bill Willingham I have never tried this series and ordered this book for the R.A.T. in April. It finally showed up in June.

9. Delicate Edible Birds- Lauren Groff, Short Stories, my book

I can't wait to start! It's going to drive me crazy to have to get in the car at 10:00a.m. and drive two hours to N.Y.

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