Friday, June 5, 2009

15 Books

I read a meme that I wanted to try and then promptly forgot where I read it. The gist was to name 15 books that will always stay with you. This shouldn't take a lot of thought, just name the first 15 that come into your head. Here's mine:

1. Gone With the Wind~ Margaret Mitchell
2. Midnight is a Place~ Joan Aiken
3. Harriet the Spy~ Louise Fitzhugh
4. We Need to Talk about Kevin~ Lionel Shriver
5. Expecting Adam~ Martha Beck
6. The Secret History~ Donna Tartt
7. A Little Princess~ Frances Hodgeson Burnett
8. The Graveyard Book~ Neil Gaiman
9. Fun Home~ Alison Bechdel
10. Three Junes~ Julia Glass
11. The Stolen Child~ Keith Donohue
12. Life as We Knew It ~ Susan Beth Pfeffer
13. The Whispering Mountain~ Joan Aiken
14. A Ring of Endless Light~ Madeleine L'Engle
15. An Old Magic~ Ruth M. Arthur

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